SPAM. It’s a never ending battle. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. If you’re a WordPress fan, you know all too well that you’re going to get a ton of random solicitations and requests through your contact form.

I’ve long been a fan of Gravity Forms for WordPress. It’s simply the best WordPress Form plugin out there for creating fast, dynamic forms that connect to just about any service you want.

What I don’t love, and this isn’t the fault of Gravity Forms, is the constant barrage of random emails that come through from folks trying to sell their services or some other unsolicited pitch for something.

Oftentimes, I’ll add myself as a recipient of an email form for testing purposes – especially just after a launch of a project. More and more, these types of emails keep coming through contact forms:


It doesn’t have to be SEO though. The amount of junk that comes through trying to sell some kind of service is never ending.

I have a hard time believing that people actually sign up for services based off random email SPAM, but I could be wrong.

As a site owner, having to take the time to read through all website form submissions is annoying. As a marketer/consultant, seeing someone else trying to pitch services you already offer via website form submissions is also equally annoying.

To help right the battle, I’ve created a custom plugin for those use Gravity Forms with WordPress. It’s pretty basic for now, and I plan on adding more features as I get feedback.

To start, download the plugin and install it to your WordPress plugin directory. (you need to be using Gravity Forms – currently tested to the latest release of Gravity Forms per this post date) and then activate the plugin.

Settings are barebones for now, but effective:


In this example, I’m looking for specific keywords in the content of the email. In this case, any time ‘seo’ or ‘marketing’ or ‘darth vader’ appear, I have the option to:

reject the spammer or divert the email to another email destination (overriding the Gravity Forms settings for that specific form) – hurrah!

If you decide to reject, this is what the spammer would see:


If you decide to divert the message, to the spammer, the message goes through as planned, but instead of going to the Gravity Forms specific notification email address, it will go to your custom specified email address. Or send it to Donald Trump (not really, don’t do that.)

Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Let me know what other features you’d like to see.

Head to this page and get the plugin today!

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